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daistes goBelt C1 mobile phone ring

daistes goBelt C1 mobile phone ring

The goBelt C1 from Germany is the thinnest smartphone ring on the market. It can also be used on a reader (7.8 inches or less recommended) and comes with an expandable stand. It is made from two layers of thin polypropylene foil, folded in a special space-saving way. It is only 1mm thick when folded and will not affect the wireless charging function of the device. You use one finger to pull out and fold the goBelt. Furthermore, by twisting and hooking the two foil layers together, you can easily convert the goBelt into a practical stand (landscape only). The stand can be opened in both directions, providing support at both high and low angles.

If you want to understand the material, functions, and features of this product, it is recommended to watch the review video of the owner Jichen Chen.

Note: The 3M adhesive tape attached to the back of goBelt C1 cannot be reused. If the user intends to remove it after use, there may be a small amount of adhesive residue on the surface.

JC's short review: The goBelt C1 weighs less than 2 grams and is surprisingly strong when attached to the back of a mobile phone/reader. It not only allows you to hold the device more effortlessly, but also has a stand function. It is a small device that I found surprisingly practical after reviewing it. Accessories.

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The world’s lightest and thinnest mobile phone ring daistes goBelt C1──A practical gadget for readers from Germany (w/ENG SUB)