Free Resources


The following websites will provide different free resources, especially e-books. Some of them can only be browsed online, while others can be downloaded. You can browse according to your needs and interests, and you may be pleasantly surprised. I would like to thank countless predecessors for their efforts, so that our latecomers can travel through the times and read a lot of books without going out.

Learn Chinese

Chinese Philosophy Book Digitalization Project:

CUHK Library Digital Collection:

Book case. A quality digital library of ancient books:

Otaru University of Commerce Affiliated Library Resource Library:

Taiwan Chinese E-book Library:

ebook resources

Project Gutenberg:


Readmoo free e-book:

Good read:

Sheep Village 2.0 Free eBook:


Planet Ebook:

eReader Resources

MooInk exclusive dormancy screen download:

BOOX Note Ultimate Planner:

Download related resources of HyRead e-readers (including hibernation map, calendar and notebook templates, etc.):