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STAEDTLER Noris Digital Jumbo Stylus

STAEDTLER Noris Digital Jumbo Stylus

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This Noris Digital Jumbo stylus ( with digital eraser) adopts Stadler's classic, traditional hexagonal pen shape, which gives users a familiar feeling when using it;
The product adopts Wacom EMR technology, with 4,096 pressure levels, and the line width will change due to pressure , allowing users to obtain a very natural writing and drawing experience on digital products, and there is no need to charge, connect annoying cables, and install Driver, Let's take and write;

Note: Five replacement nibs and one replacement tool are included in the box
Origin: Germany

(All the products sold in this store are original and authentic. I have asked the original factory of STAEDTLER. Since the pen body of this model is made of natural wood, there will be marks on the surface of the pen body. It is normal and not a damaged defective product. If you mind It is recommended to buy another brand of LAMY EMR stylus in our store)
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