doodroo Screen Cleaning Kit

FUNCTIONS: Cleaning, disinfect, antistatic, degreasing. Remove the oil and fingerprint. Scope of using: Currently using for iPad/Tablet/ smartphone/ /notebook PC/indicator/television screen   

CHEMICAL-FREE: Free of chemicals and no use of nasty liquids, it’s the best solution to achieving clean, streak-free surfaces. Anti-allergenic and ecofriendly.    Doesn't contain alcohol, ammonia or any odor. Is safe to use around children, pets and is eco-friendly.

PORTABLE: Never put up with a dirty screen. Tuck the screen cleaners into your backpack, briefcase or handbag. You will never leave home without it!   

EASY USE: Just spray and easy wipe across your screen. No need to scrub or apply pressure to remove grubby marks.

PHONE  & TABLET STAND FUNCTION: This stand works with all 4-11" devices  and provides you with a comfortable viewing angle.