BOOX Nova Air2

BOOX Nova Air 2 is light and compact, making creativity and thinking more fluid

BOOX Nova Air2 7.8-inch e-reader will be launched in 2022. The body is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, elegant and soft white, light and comfortable. It will not feel tired when held with one hand for a long time. It is an e-reader with ergonomic operation. You can use Google Play to install various Android applications, including notes, drawing, and reading you want, and it can play a powerful task processing function. The open Android 11 system can load books across platforms, making reading a part of life! Kobo, HyRead,, Readmoo, National Library, Hami, Pubu, mybook and other e-book store applications can all be easily installed through the Google Play store.

Record your inspiration anytime, anywhere

Combine e-book and e-note functions, combine your profession, and extend multiple uses; Equipped with E-Ink Carta flat glass high-definition screen, two-color color temperature reading light source can adjust the color temperature according to the environment, effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light, and reduce long-term use 3C device fatigue, no glare even in sunlight, making reading more comfortable.

Writable and readable, easy to carry, within reach

BOOX newly upgraded Neo Reader 3.3, supports multi-format files, PDF can also be easily read, combined with note-taking mode; double-open file multitasking, writing while reading, keyword search, page translation, independent switching between Chinese and English fonts, etc.; with BOOX Pen Plus electromagnetic pen, the extremely thin tip can create rich details, the diameter of 6 mm gives you an easy grip, scribing and annotating enhances your memory, and the pen has a sideways magnetic function, which can be adsorbed to the side of the host , it is more convenient to carry with you. 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and ultra-low latency help increase the sophistication of your creative drawings. Built-in various small utility programs and multi-language support, adding smooth high-speed refresh technology, easily integrated into your life; only 238 g light, 6.3 mm ultra-thin body, even used in various occasions can be easily used: Travel, meeting, study, display, sketch, etc., left or right hand, no matter which hand can easily operate with one hand.

Connect your infinite possibilities

High-efficiency specifications equipped with Qualcomm octa-core CPU, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, responsive and smooth; equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 device, easy to match with peripheral devices; built-in microphone and amplification device, not only can read books, but also listen to books, voice input is improved Work efficiency, create your infinite possibilities. The new technology WiFi 5G speed transmission, network connection and file transmission, get rid of annoying transmission lines, and create your wireless life. Built-in high-efficiency multi-function connection Type-C port, 2000mAh battery can be fully charged quickly and continuously, QC 4.0 can be fully charged in 2 hours! Equipped with an OTG expansion device, the maximum support is 512 GB, which makes it more convenient to transfer files and exchange data.

Gentle and gentle as jade, gentle and elegant, people can't put it down

Designed with a magnesium alloy metal back shell, it looks like a work of art e-reader. The ivory white body design allows readers to concentrate more, achieve a pure reading experience, and also makes the overall screen more obvious and comfortable. It feels comfortable to hold with one hand, even girls can easily grasp it. With a magnetic stylus, you can take notes with you, and you can store it with a light suction, which will add a more fashionable design sense to your reader.