The Playdate game console transforms into an e-book reader, turn the pages with the rotating handle!

Do you still remember the retro game console Playdate we introduced a year ago? It has a bright yellow shell and a rotating handle on the right side, which can be used to play games, which is very fun. This game console is not limited to games. The newly released exclusive app Playbook turns it into an e-book reader!

The rotating handle on the right is Playdate’s signature design, which is very playful.

Playdate itself is equipped with a black and white LCD display with a resolution of 400x240. Although the screen size is small, the display effect is clear and suitable for reading text content. Its reflective display technology is similar to E Ink displays, providing a high-contrast reading experience. However, due to the lack of backlight, this device is only suitable for use in well-lit environments. When a user purchases (the price is $5) and installs the Playbook APP , it comes with five literary classics, such as "Frankenstein" built into it. Users can turn pages by rotating the handle or D-pad. The use of the handle is unique and interesting, which increases the interactivity and pleasure of reading. In addition, there is a unique progress bar in the Playbook application - a slowly burning candle, which replaces the traditional percentage progress indicator, creating a warm reading atmosphere.

The burning candle on the right represents the reading progress of the book.
Although Playbook has some functional limitations, such as being unable to quickly jump to specific parts of the book and not supporting the annotation function, its convenience and fun make it a good supplementary reading tool. To add books to Playdate, users need to connect it to their computer, enter USB mode, and drag and drop files into the correct folder. Prior to this, users needed to convert .epub files to .txt format, which was a relatively simple process.
Playdate's Playbook APP won't become a user's primary reading tool, but it provides a convenient and fun alternative. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, and its built-in library of classic novels comes in handy when needed. This device will neither replace professional e-book readers such as the Kindle nor traditional paper books, but it provides users with an interesting and practical supplementary option.
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