Notable──An Initial Exploration of the Note-taking App Developed Specifically for BOOX

(Added on 25/7: Taiwanese software engineer Daniel Kao has fixed bugs for this app, swapped the functionality of swiping left and right with two fingers, hidden the status bar, and reduced the apk size from the original 43MB to 24MB. The latest version is now 0.1.0, and everyone can download it here.)

Today, I would like to share with you a note-taking App Notable under development. The point is that the author indicated that Notable is specially designed for the e-reader of BOOX! This is not a joke, because the shopowner, JC, has also installed Notable in Bigme and HyRead, and can enter the main page, but cannot write with a pen on the note page.

What's so special about this note-taking app that can only be used in BOOX devices? Author Loup Topalian said that Notable provides BOOX users with a clean and minimal design, as well as a series of functions to enhance the note-taking experience. In actual use, this notable only provides a relatively basic note-taking function for the time being, but it does have impressive features, which I will introduce to you here.

When using this note app on BOOX for the first time, the most surprising thing should be the smoothness of writing on native notes; in addition, each page of notes can be scrolled down infinitely vertically and written, there is no length limit, and users can also add a new page to the right at the same time.

The most interesting thing about this App is its " Intuitive gesture controls ". For example, double-tapping the screen with one finger can display/hide the upper toolbar; if you are using two fingers, swiping to the right is undo, and swiping to the left is to redo your action. Double-tapping the screen can switch between writing mode and gluing mode, which is very convenient for users who use pens without gluing function (such as Boox Pen Plus). If the handwritten content is selected with the circle selection function, just double-click the content to copy the selected content.

Of course, as a newly developed App, of course there will be shortcomings. First of all, in terms of stability, in the 30 minutes of the store owner’s dusty trial, I encountered two pop-ups, but I can continue to use it after re-entering; secondly, Notable provides five options for nibs, all of which can only choose thick and thin, and can’t choose color, which is relatively monotonous (especially since the public has started to use color phones more); in addition, after writing with a highlighter, the handwriting will be very shallow after refreshing, which is difficult to read, so it’s a bit tasteless; there is also a relatively disturbing thing. , It is estimated that this note app handles handwriting in two layers to ensure smooth writing.

As a newly developed App, the current version of Notable is only 0.0.10. The note-taking function provided is indeed relatively basic. There are only four built-in templates (blank, dot matrix, horizontal line, and square), and users can only export notes/notebooks as PDFs. However, the smoothness of writing and gesture operations are very good. I hope the author can continue to develop and improve, and in the future, Aragonite users will have more options for easy-to-use notes! If you have a Boox e-reader at hand, you may wish to download and try it, and you can also give your feedback to the author.

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