HANNspree launches HannsNote2, full-color EFPD technology enters the reader market

The 10-inch full-color reader HannsNote2 launched by HANNspree yesterday (January 29th) boasts the use of a new revolutionary display technology EFPD ( Eco-Friendly Paper Display ), and is even directly related to Yuantai Technology's E-Ink Kaleido 3 on the website introduction. The direct competition caused a lot of discussion among reader enthusiasts in Taiwan within one day.

The HannsNote2 reader does not use an E-Ink screen, but uses a Hannstar Color Crystal reflective display LCD panel, removes the backlight module, and completely uses natural light for display. The characteristics of this display technology are that it can present true full-color 16.7 million colors and a color resolution of 200PPI, it can also maintain a dynamic refresh rate of 60Hz and a page turning speed of 5 milliseconds, and it can provide clear vision in a sufficient light environment. Effect.

In terms of hardware configuration, HannsNote2’s processor is Rockchip RK3566, equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Since there is no backlight module and the battery is only a relatively small 2200 mAh, the thickness of HannsNote2 is only 4.7mm and the weight is only 350 grams. It is indeed quite light and thin for a 10-inch reader!

HannsNote2 also has a built-in color note application, which can be written with a USI2.0 protocol stylus. It is equipped with the open Android 13 operating system, has a built-in Google Play store, and supports various e-book applications. This allows it to meet the business and entertainment needs of different users. The device is also equipped with a front-facing camera and microphone to allow users to conduct online learning and remote meetings.

HannsNote2 is priced at NT$10,800, and Taiwanese users can purchase it with Chunghwa Telecom’s mobile Internet plan .

It seems that in 2024, the reader market will become more and more lively, and more and more new manufacturers will enter the market, bringing more new technologies and products. Let us wait and see.


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According to the Hannspree official website, Pakistan currently does not have an official distributor, so the product may not be available for purchase locally.



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