e讀新聞:Subterranean Press宣布將定期提供免費電子書,首本為世界奇幻文學獎得主新作!

e-reading news: Subterranean Press announced that it will provide free e-books on a regular basis, the first of which is the new work of the winner of the World Fantasy Literature Award!

On June 12, Subterranean Press (SubPress for short) expressed its gratitude to readers and announced that it will provide some free e-books to readers every one month or so, or republished stories, and there are also new works. What is commendable is that the publisher provides DRM-free, electronic files in ePub format, and you can transfer the files to different devices for reading.

For the first time, SubPress provides a new short story "No Choice" by World Fantasy Award winner KJ Parker. Publishing House Introduction The author presents readers with an engrossing story with action, humor, and an unexpected but perfectly logical twist that he excels at. Set in the detailed world depicted in his other works, the story follows a narrator from a landed and politically connected family whose family history has many descendants killed in battle.

Currently, you can also find another free e-book on the SubPress website, Anthony Ryan's short story " The Scarlet Ziggurat " (eBook Edition).

Subterranean Press is a small publishing house in Burton , Michigan. Founded in 1995 , the company publishes about 45 titles each year. Subterranean Press is known for publishing genre fiction, primarily horror, suspense and dark mystery, fantasy and science fiction.

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