e-reading news follow-up: the return of Pocket, good news for Kobo Reader!

A day may seem short, but for Kobo reader users, the mood may already be like a roller coaster with twists and turns .

Yesterday we reported that Kobo Reader will not be able to continue to use Pocket service at a later date. ( Portal ) After a day of waiting, Kobo Taiwan's official Facebook group issued a clarification statement, clearly stating that Kobo Reader will support Pocket in the future.

The full text is quoted as follows:

"In response to the recent erroneous article published by Mozilla Support stating that the Pocket service will not work on the Kobo e-book reader after the Pocket account is migrated to Firefox, we provide the following clarification statement.

Pocket service is an important service provided by Rakuten Kobo for e-reader users. We will continue to provide this support service after the Firefox conversion. Currently, the Mozilla team has updated the relevant article content: https://lihi3.cc/2DK1U

Kobo users with existing Pocket accounts will not be affected. For new Pocket users created after August 15th, the e-book reader needs to be updated. Kobo will have a new login process to support the service.

Existing users who wish to switch to Firefox account login must update their e-book readers after August 15 to continue using Pocket. "

As stated in the Kobo statement, Mozilla’s earlier statement expressing deep regret that Pocket cannot continue to cooperate with Kobo has also been deleted. Kobo's technical processing, existing Kobo reader users will not be affected, and can continue to use the Pocket service.

Updated article content by the Mozilla team

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