e-reading news──Lau Kwong Shing's "The Fallen City: Hong Kong"──Stamping memories of the struggle with pencil drawings

The pencil drawing style of Hong Kong cartoonist Lau Kwong Shing is very clear and strong, which is very impressive at first glance.

It is estimated that most people know this cartoonist after the anti-extradition movement broke out in Hong Kong in 2019. Lau Kwong Shing published single-page comics on "Ming Pao" and its Facebook page, using his unique brushstrokes to draw heavy or absurd Hong Kong personnel. This time I will introduce his collection of works "The Fallen City: Hong Kong", which contains 32 single-page comics (and 5 short comics) published at that time. It records the history that should not be forgotten, but the Hong Kong government intends to eliminate it. Including 721, 831, Five Major Demands, Yellow Ocject, etc.

Among them is a <2028.Hong Kong> series, bringing out the cartoonist's imagination of the future Hong Kong, such as the government's promotion of the personality cult of Xi Jinping:

In addition to these one-page comics, the book also includes his autobiographical comics and two media interviews with him, so that readers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the author's growth and philosophy.

It can be predicted that Lau Kwong Shing's works will not be published in his birthplace during the post-national security law period, and his personal safety is also difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the cartoonist has moved to Taiwan in August 21 to continue his creative path and continue to publish their works. I hope readers can continue to watch his works through different channels.

"The Fallen City: Hong Kong" Readmoo Link

"The Fallen City: Hong Kong" book.com.tw link (e-book/physical book)

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"The Fallen City: Hong Kong" Google Books link

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