e讀新聞:Kobo在iPad版本的Kobo Books APP新增了流動格式手寫註記功能 及 實際操作指引

e-reading news: Kobo has added mobile format handwritten annotation function and practical operation guide in the iPad version of Kobo Books APP

Rakuten Kobo has updated its iPad version Kobo Books APP earlier, as long as you have an Apple Pencil, you can use it to directly write notes on the page when reading a mobile format e-book (note that PDF e-books do not have this function!) . And these handwritten notes can be displayed on the Kobo eReader that supports the stylus (temporarily only includes Kobo Elipsa or Kobo Sage).

Kobo’s handwriting note function integrates the color palette of iPad Apple Pencil in the APP, so iPad users will see the familiar palette operation interface after opening the stylus icon in the lower right corner of the page, and can continue Tap the Apple Pencil sideways twice to switch between the eraser and the pen.

Since Kobo does not have a color reader yet, no matter what color the user marks on the iPad, the Kobo reader will only display different gray scales.

When you use Apple Pencil to handwrite annotations on mobile format e-books, once you adjust the format, the mark will disappear, but there will be an "Original Mark" icon on the right side of the mark, click it and your handwritten note record will appear, After you press the "Restore" button, the formatting settings when marking will be restored, and your handwritten notes will be reproduced.

The addition of this new feature enables Kobo users to more intuitively handwrite annotations on the iPad and have a more complete reading experience. It must be noted that this function is not enabled in the Kobo Books APP for iPhone at this stage. iPhone users cannot write notes on the streaming book, and can only view the note records at approximate locations, and cannot "Restore".

This is the screen of the iPhone 14 pro opening the Kobo e-book.

Incidentally, handwritten notes are completely invisible to Kobo users on Android devices.

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