e讀新聞:Google Play Books在英文電子書新增 Reading Practice 功能,以提升孩童閱讀能力

e-reading news: Google Play Books adds Reading Practice function in English e-books to improve children's reading ability

Reading Practice is a major update to Google Play Books designed to help beginners improve their reading skills. The rollout of this feature will make it easier for young readers to acquire reading skills and provide them with more learning opportunities. This feature will be available on the Google Play Books Android app and Google Kids Space.

With this new feature, beginners can independently improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills, and practice in thousands of children's e-books. Reading Practice allows beginners to:

  • Track their reading position: They’ll see the text highlighted as they read out loud, tracking where they are in the book and helping them focus on the next word.

  • Hear a word: If they’re stuck on how to pronounce a word, they can simply tap it to hear what it sounds like.

  • Sound it out: With a quick tap, they’ll also hear a word broken down by syllable.

  • Hear a sentence: For even more context, new readers can listen to an entire sentence.

  • Define a word: To learn more, they can tap to see or hear a child-friendly definition of a word.

  • Set a new reading position: They can tap any word to update their position in the book and start tracking from there.

  • Practice a challenging word: At the end of the page, they’ll have the option to practice any words they skipped or mispronounced.

At a later date, Reading Practice will be enabled for most books on Google Play Books, and this new feature is only available in the United States for the time being.

Users can use the "Reading practice" filter in Google Play Books to limit your store or library search to eBooks that specifically offer Reading practice.

Although users outside the United States cannot use the Reading practice function, most children's e-books are also equipped with reading aloud and dictionary functions, and some children's books are also provided for free. Parents may wish to try reading English e-books for their children and have a look. Is it suitable?

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