e讀新聞:Google Play Books推出超過300本免費英文兒童電子書並推出新功能

eReading News: Google Play Books launches more than 300 free English children’s e-books and launches new features

Google Play Books has recently made a series of updates to its platform to encourage reading activities, especially with more support for child readers. The platform currently provides more than 300 non-fiction children's e-books , which readers can enjoy for free, and is equipped with "Read & listen" and "Practice" functions. The former allows children to listen to the reading of the content simultaneously while reading. This mode It helps improve children's reading comprehension and listening skills; the latter can guide children to read text sentences and repeatedly practice words with inaccurate pronunciation.

In supported e-books, after turning on the "Practice" function, you can press "Sound out" to listen to the accurate pronunciation of the new word.

Users, please note that you need to set the system language of the Android device in your hand to English in order to successfully use the "Practice" function (left). If the system language is Chinese, this function will be missing (right).

To make the reading experience more interactive and interesting, Google has also designed a reading rewards program for child readers. In the Google Play Books Android app or Google Kids Space, children can be rewarded with digital stickers after reaching certain reading milestones. These stickers can be viewed and tracked in the "Prizes" section of the "Kid Reader" toolbar.

Upon completion, readers receive bonus stickers.

In addition, a new "Coming Soon" item has been added under the "Library" tab of the Google Play Books Android APP. Users can see all pre-ordered books and filter them based on specific series or authors. Google Play Books has also launched previews of thousands of audiobooks on its YouTube channel , allowing users to experience snippets of various books for free to attract more readers to explore relevant content.

New "coming soon" items in the APP.

Through these innovative functions and extensions, Google Play Books not only provides children readers with a wealth of free reading resources, but also enhances the user experience of the platform, especially increasing the participation and reading interest of young readers, further promoting reading culture .

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