e讀新聞:Google Play Books新增圖書館整理功能(附翻頁鍵設定指引)

e-reading news: Google Play Books adds a new library features for users. (with a page-turning key setting guide)

For a long time in the past, Google Play Books was only a simple reading app with basic functions. More people talked about its e-books often having discounts, or Google would give users books as gifts from time to time Cash coupons, rather than reading whether the app is easy to use. The above situation has gradually changed this year. In early June, Google Books added the Reading Practice function to English e-books (this function is only available in the United States for the time being). In late June, they further launched a new library organization function for users, allowing users to manage their libraries more easily.
According to the official announcement of Google Play Books, this new feature will make it easier for users to manage their libraries, especially for users with large book collections. Users can now select multiple books at once to perform bulk actions such as adding them to a bookshelf, marking them as read, or deleting downloaded copies from their device.
In addition, Google Play Books has also added the function of filtering books. Users can filter books by book type, author, reading age (books suitable for children), and home library status to quickly find the books they want.
If a user has more than 25 books in his library and sorts them by title or author and displays them in a list, he can also use the alphabetic index on the right to quickly jump to a specific book or author. In addition, users can also customize the bookshelf, organize books into categories, and manage their own library more conveniently. For example, the store owner Ji Chen customized a bookshelf to store English children's books with listening and reading functions, specially for his son to read .
The launch of this new feature allows users to manage their library more easily and find the books they want more easily. You only need to update the Google Play Books app to version 2023.04.17.00 or later to use these new features.
If you are a Google Play Books user, you might as well update the app to experience the convenience brought by these new features!
Since many readers are equipped with physical keys recently, and many people will use page turners to read, here is a brief introduction on how to enable the physical key page turning function in Google Play Books . First, you open an e-book (except children's books with reading aloud function) in the APP at will, enter the setting page, and select "Always turn pages and enlarge the dialog box" in the "Use the volume keys to turn pages" column, and then The page keys are now available.
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