e-Reading News: Add reading color to summer, free new e-book resources in Hong Kong and Taiwan

The summer vacation is approaching. Today, I would like to introduce two free e-reading resources for parents and students in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Maybe you can find your favorite works, so that this holiday will not only have fun, but also have time to relax and enjoy reading.

It is said that in late April, the Hong Kong Publishing Federation launched the "Publishing 3.0-Hong Kong Smart e-Book Bank" project ( Portal ). At that time, it was mentioned that this online platform would have free trial reading and trial listening of books. , the function is not perfect yet. Three months later, the Hong Kong Smart e-book library has collected about 1,000 works of local authors from 60 publishing houses, covering five categories: literary fiction, historical biographies, spiritual inspiration, healthcare, and business management and finance. As long as you register an account (there is no geographical restriction for the time being), you can try it for free (usually there are more than ten pages to read), and some works even have English versions and audiobooks to choose from. Parents may wish to let their children try it at will. If they want to read it after the trial, take them to a bookstore to buy a physical book, or find out if there is an e-book version of the book on the reading platform.

Many of the selected books on this platform have only been published in the past two or three years, and some have even been published this year. For example, Chua Lam’s " Chua Lam’s World of Flowers - Hong Kong Food ", reading/listening to the English version of Neiyugu is really refreshing feel.

In Taiwan, the "Education Cloud E-book Integration Service Platform", a project jointly promoted by the Department of Information Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education and the National Library of Public Information (commonly known as the National Library of Public Information) and completed in April this year, is now officially open to the public. The platform is mainly designed for middle school and elementary school students. Students only need to use the same Open ID account to query, operate, borrow and return books online. Each student's account can borrow three books from five different databases (udn reading library, iRead eBooks, Hyread e-books, Taiwan cloud library and state-owned library e-book service platform), and can borrow up to 15 books in total. The platform covers topics such as common classroom discussion topics SDGs, gender equality, language learning, and more. A total of about 3,400 e-books are provided, all of which can be borrowed for free.

Therefore, Taiwanese students can log in and read these thousands of e-books directly with their education cloud account without additional application, which is really convenient!

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