e-reading news: Boox cooperates with Sino United Electronic Publishing Ltd. to launch "Nowbook" resources in the built-in bookstore

Recently, Hong Kong Boox and Hong Kong Sino United Electronic Publishing Ltd. have reached a cooperation agreement. The latter's "Nowbook" resources include books from Hong Kong publishing houses such as Joint Publishing, Chung Hwa Book Company, Commercial Press, Wan Li Book Co., Ltd, Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd and Hong Kong Educational Publishing Co.. The works, currently containing nearly 7,000 e-books and 200 Cantonese audio books, are being continuously updated and will appear on Boox overseas e-readers as a built-in bookstore!

How can I browse this "Nowbook" resource in Boox E-Reader? First of all, users need to update their devices to the latest v3.5.3 released by Boox, and then go to "Settings" and enter "Server". They will see more HK options, and then they can see "Nowbook" in the built-in bookstore. The models currently supporting this bookstore service include Poke4 Lite, Poke5, Leaf2, Page, Go Color 7, Go 10.3 and Note Air3, and will be updated to support more models in the future.

In the latest v3.5.3 version update, Booxhas added a Hong Kong HK server with a built-in "Nowbook" bookstore.

This cooperation between Boox and Sino United Electronic Publishing Ltd. allows users to open their e-books with Boox’s built-in reading program neoreader, bringing a better reading experience and making it easier for overseas users to find Hong Kong e-books and Guangdong e-books. Words Audiobook. In addition, in addition to the resources mentioned above, the "Nowbook" bookstore also has "Lessons", "Lectures" and "Video" columns, which provide ways to absorb knowledge other than text, and some are free, such as "Lectures" Among them are the "Teacher's Class on Hard-pen Calligraphy Competition Skills" taught by Mr. Lei Chaorong; the "Video" includes the "Secret of Agelessness in Love Literature" talked about by the writer Miyuki, etc.

If you have the above-mentioned aragonite reader model, you may wish to browse the built-in bookstore of "Nowbook".

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