e讀新聞:針對ChatGPT引發的AI電子書浪潮,Amazon KDP平台釋出發布作品新指引

eReading News: In response to the wave of AI e-books triggered by ChatGPT, Amazon KDP platform released new guidelines for publishing works

Since last year, the rapid rise of ChatGPT has made the public realize the power of AI. In the past half year, countless people have been studying how to apply AI language models such as ChatGPT. One of the results is that a large number of e-books written by AI have appeared in the Amazon Book Store, and some are even ranked on the Kindle bestseller list, causing an industry of distrust. The uncontrolled use of AI may also threaten Kindle books created by real people. Therefore, this phenomenon has generated a lot of controversy.

In view of this, in order to maintain the transparency and quality of books on the platform, Amazon released new content guidelines for its KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform on September 6, with clearer specifications for AI-generated books, effective immediately. . Authors will now have to reveal whether their books contain AI-generated content, including images, text or translations, when uploading or editing a new book. Images include covers, internal images and artwork.

For the reveal of AI content, Amazon provides five options for authors to choose from:

  1. None of the text/images/translations in this book are generated by AI.
  2. Some areas are AI generated with minimal or no editing.
  3. Some areas are generated by AI after extensive editing.
  4. The entire book is fully generated by AI with minimal or no editing.
  5. The entire book is fully generated by AI after extensive editing.

Amazon emphasizes that authors must ensure accurate reporting or failure to do so may violate KDP content guidelines and may result in book revocation or even account termination .

Notably, authors who use AI-assisted tools for “editing, refining, error checking, or other improvement of content” do not need to report that use. Regardless of whether it is AI-generated or AI-assisted content, authors must comply with all content guidelines.

Amazon said in the announcement: “We are actively monitoring the rapid evolution of generative AI and its impact on reading, writing, and publishing, and remain committed to providing the best shopping, reading, and publishing experiences for our authors and customers. "

In the future, I wonder if when you see AI-generated tags in a sea of ​​books on Amazon, will it affect your reading decision?

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