eReading News: Amazon Household feature is fully extended to mobile device platforms

I don’t know if you have noticed that Amazon has an “Amazon Household” function, which is designed to provide family members with a more convenient and centralized management method, making it easier for everyone to share Amazon’s offers and digital content. This feature was previously only available on the web and Kindle e-readers, but now Amazon has expanded it to iOS, Android and Fire tablets.

The family sharing function mainly consists of two adults (over 18 years old), four teenagers (13 to 17 years old) and four children. It’s worth noting that teen members need to do so with their parents’ knowledge when shopping or streaming content, ensuring parents can monitor their behavior.

To experience this feature, two adults must link their Amazon accounts through Family Sharing and agree to share payment methods and Prime membership benefits. Even so, they still have separate personal accounts that only share on Prime membership benefits.

Digital content, such as e-books, audiobooks and apps, can also be shared between two adults or with teenagers in the family. Amazon further provides the Family Library function, allowing family members to share more digital content. Parents can even set viewing restrictions for children to ensure they are accessing content in a healthy and age-appropriate environment.

If you want to learn more or join the users of this service, you may wish to go to the Manage Your Household page .

By the way, this type of "family sharing" is not unique to Amazon. Taiwan's Dumo also launched a "family account" function in 2020, which can accommodate up to 2 adult and 4 child accounts. Adults can "lend" books to other family members in the "Personal Bookcase". Each member can have a completely independent bookcase and reading progress without interfering with each other.

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