e讀新聞:Amazon Fliptoon──日本網絡漫畫的新市場

eReading News: Amazon Fliptoon──New Market for Japanese Web Comics

Amazon originally launched a new service, Amazon Fliptoon, in the Japanese market half a year ago to publish original Webtoons comics. When you see the word Fliptoon, you may feel a little strange. In fact, it is a common banner comic "Webtoon" that is read on the Internet. However, since the South Korean company Naver started to create and develop the webtoon market nearly 20 years ago, making Webtoon synonymous with it and accounting for the largest share of the market, Amazon created " Fliptoon " to distinguish the two and establish its own s brand.

The Amazon Fliptoon service does not require a designated APP to read, and users can read on the browser after logging in. The first four chapters of each Amazon Fliptoon comic can be read for free, and the remaining chapters can be unlocked for a fee, or if the Fliptoon is eligible, a paid chapter will be unlocked every 23 hours,

At present , Amazon Fliptoon’s comics, in addition to original Japanese comics, Amazon also cooperates with Korean comic publisher Rockin' KOREA, so there are also Korean comics that provide Japanese culture.

At this stage, the Amazon Fliptoon service is only available on Amazon Japan, and it is unknown when the service will be available outside of Japan. In addition, it is a little regrettable that the store owner, Jichen, failed to use this service. After logging in, he opened the manga, and the message "Trouble Opening Book" appeared in the browser. Even if he used a VPN to connect to Japan, he could not read it successfully, so I cannot introduce the interface, functions and effects of Fliptoon comics to you.

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