E-Ink新品:Type Folio──reMarkable2的新拍擋

New E-Ink Product: Type Folio──The new partner of reMarkable2

reMarkable2 has rolled out a software update over the past few weeks that adds the ability to type text. Pair it with the new Type Folio—a slim keyboard that lets users type comfortably and focus on the reMarkable 2.

Users can decide to use reMarkable2 mode, whether it is handwriting, typing or seamlessly switching between the two.

The Type Folio is a slim keyboard with a minimalist look that looks like a case. Equipped with alphabetic keys, it is a full-sized keyboard with 1.3 mm of key travel. It is also very simple and easy to use, just use a magnet to automatically connect to the reMarkable 2, no other pairing methods and charging are required.

The launch of Type Folio is the first time to bring physical keyboard support to reMarkable 2. It provides a great typing experience when users need it, and smart, rugged protection when they don't.

reMarkable's redesigned software for its flagship product detects when the keyboard is opened and automatically rotates the display, allowing users to quickly and seamlessly switch between handwriting and typing. Handwritten text is intelligently linked to typed text, ensuring that handwritten and typed notes stay connected even as you move text around the page.

In conjunction with Type Folio, reMarkable now enables users to have a composite workflow as desired, and more. Users can take handwritten notes on the reMarkable 2 , convert them to text, view them in the desktop app, or type on the reMarkable 2 with the Type Folio. Enter an agenda in the desktop app, add another highlight with the smartphone app, and have a distraction-free meeting on the reMarkable2 .

The price of Type Folio on its official website is HK$1578.

E-Ink readers equipped with keyboard cases are not new, and there are similar products in other brands. I wonder if this new product will impress reMarkable users?

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Introducing Type Folio. A new way to work on reMarkable


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