E-Ink新品:掌閱iReader Ocean3

New E-Ink Product: iReader Ocean3

iReader launched a new 7-inch e-reader Ocean3 on March 16, which is an upgraded model of Ocean2, and there are two versions of 32GB and 64GB to choose from.

The appearance of Ocean 3 is the same as that of Ocean 2, so the protective covers of the two generations can be used in common, and many items in the specifications are the same as the previous generation, such as the same E-Ink Carta1200 etched glass screen, 300PPI resolution (1680x1264), and support for 256 levels of grayscale. , There are 28 levels of cold and warm two-color headlights, with physical double buttons, 1800 mAh battery capacity, etc. However, palm reading shows that the performance of Ocean 3 has been improved. It adopts a new custom 2GHz dual-core low-power processor, so the reading time can be extended to 75 hours, which is 3 hours more than the previous generation. In addition, the panel has also been upgraded, and the thickness of the glass has been reduced. 12%, which increases the clarity by 25.57%. Interestingly, the manufacturer particularly emphasizes the use of tempered glass cover, which improves the pressure resistance by 86% compared with the previous generation.

The design features of the Ocean series are also worth mentioning. They are basically the same as the standard Kindle Oasis series, including that the grip on the left is wider and thicker than the other three sides, and there are physical buttons for turning pages, which become part of the asymmetric proportion design. . Its thinnest part is only 4mm thick and weighs only 175 grams.

Finally, by the way, iReader Ocean series is an e-reader with a closed system, which is deeply integrated with its own bookstore, and third-party apps cannot be installed.

iReader Ocean 3 is now on pre-sale at its self-operated flagship store on JD.com (until 19:30 Beijing time on March 25). After paying a deposit, you can purchase the 32GB version at a minimum of 1299RMB and the 64GB version at 1399RMB.

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