E-Ink產品:華為Huawei MatePad Paper典藏版──採用鴻蒙OS的墨水屏平板

E-Ink product: Huawei Huawei MatePad Paper Collector’s Edition──Ink screen tablet using Hongmeng OS

Huawei launched the 10.3-inch ink screen tablet MatePad Paper in March last year. It features its own Hongmeng system and high hardware specifications. It is very popular in the Chinese E-Ink market. It has sold nearly 45,000 units in half a year since its launch. Become the sales champion of the same product. By September 22, Huawei launched the MatePad Paper Collector's Edition, which was finally sold in overseas markets after half a year. Interested readers can go to the Good e-Reader Store .

The difference between the 4999RMB MatePad Paper Collector’s Edition and the 2999RMB regular version is mainly in the hardware: it is upgraded from 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM to 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, supports LTE except, and is equipped with a bronzing cross pattern gift box. You will receive a 1-year HUAWEI reading membership permission to read the resources of HUAWEI Bookstore.

This MatePad Paper uses an E-Ink Carta HD panel, a 10.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1872×1404, 227PPI, a screen-to-body ratio of 86.3%, and a 32-level warm and cold dual-color front light. It is worth mentioning that its processor uses Kirin 820E 5G, which is much more powerful than most e-readers on the market. In addition, it has a smart refresh option, when the user is reading or executing a third-party app, the device will automatically adjust the refresh mode. In terms of writing, it comes with a Huawei M-Pencil second-generation stylus with 4096 pressure sensitivity and a delay of only 26ms, bringing a good writing experience.

For detailed specifications, please refer to Huawei's official website .

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