E-Ink新品:E-Paper Wall 2.0──Youtuber自製的一道E-Ink牆

New E-Ink product: E-Paper Wall 2.0 ── An E-Ink wall made by Youtuber

There are many programming masters on the Internet, if he is an E-Ink enthusiast, what will happen?

Youtuber Aaron Christophel released a self-made new product E-Paper Wall 2.0 earlier, a wall composed of 45 7.4-inch E-Ink screens. According to media reports, he may have used modules sold by DigiKey for $47 each.

The 1.0 version he made had the image illegible due to the border. In this version 2.0, although the large screen still has a frame, the effect of displaying pictures is much clearer.

Is there anything special about this piece? Its uniqueness lies in the firmware and tools developed by Aaron himself, which can burn custom firmware into 45 E-Ink monitors, and through a compression technology, he can store and display complex images on the monitors.

Once again, I would like to pay tribute to this master. Although I will not buy this product in the market, it is really a very powerful software and hardware hands-on ability.

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