New E-Ink product: DASUNG LINK──E-INK display specially designed for your smart phone screen projection operation

DASUNG released the world's first 6.7-inch ink screen mobile phone display Link on December 9 last year. It is divided into two versions: wired and wireless. The former is suitable for mobile phones that support video output through USB; the latter supports Android. Work with iOS mobile phones in the form of wireless projection.

The Link itself is equipped with a 300PPI 6.7-inch ink screen with warm and cold dual-color headlights. The wired version will be powered by the user's mobile phone for operation (or charged with another USB-C head of the Link); the wireless version itself is separately Comes with a 5000mAh (6800mAh optional) case to power the Link. When connected to the user's mobile phone, after the screen projection operation on the Link, the performance of the own mobile phone will be completely reproduced, the mobile phone screen will be displayed synchronously, and even the reverse touch operation can be performed through the settings. So that users have better response and less afterimage when using Link.

For users who want to use both their main mobile phone and eye protection with an electronic ink screen, this unique product meets their needs, and this Link will not be discarded due to hardware problems in the future. After users upgrade their mobile phones, Link can still function.

DASUNG Dashang Technology is still only available in China at present, but they will operate this product on the Indiegogo platform at a later time (it is estimated that it will be an exclusive overseas version, it is unknown whether there is a difference between the Chinese version and the Chinese version), so as to sell it outside of China marketing in the region.

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