E-Ink新品:Bigme InkNote Color+──令人期待,首款推出市面的Kaleido 3電子紙平板

New E-Ink Product: Bigme InkNote Color+──It is the first Kaleido 3 electronic paper tablet launched on the market

If you read the news about this new Bigme model last week, you should focus on the details of the new color panel Kaleido 3, which is quite normal. The public reads about the new generation of color E-Ink technology. The device has long been waiting.

Bigme launched this InkNote Color+. After using the E-Ink Kaleido 3 panel, compared with the previous generation (Kaleido Plus), in the color mode, it has increased from 117PPI to 150PPI, and the color saturation has increased by 30%. But don't forget that the resolution of its black and white mode has also been significantly improved, from 227PPI to 300PPI, and the resolution has been increased from 1872x1404 to 2480x1860.

It is also worth mentioning that the devices using Kaleido 3 will be equipped with the "E Ink ComfortGaze" front lighting technology designed by the E-Ink front lighting design team. This front light technology reduces the amount of blue light reflected from the display surface, significantly improving reading comfort. It can reduce BLR (Blue Light Ratio) and BLTF (Blue Light Toxicity Factor) by up to 60% and 24%, respectively, compared to previous generation front light designs. (Extended reading: According to a study by Harvard School of Public Health, E-Ink electronic paper is three times more effective for eye health than LCD screens! )

Of all the 10.3-inch e-readers currently on the market, only Kindle Scribe can use E-Ink's latest 300 PPI panel, and all other brands only use 227 PPI panels. It seems that after the 10.3-inch model of Kaleido 3 is officially launched by various brands, the gap with Kindle can be bridged, and users can read papers, magazines and comics on the big screen more carefully.

If you want to buy the international version of this model of Bigme, there are currently two ways: Bigme Store and Good E-Reader Store .

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