E-Ink新品:Biamp Impera Uniform──可定制的E-Ink屏AV控制面板

E-Ink New Product: Biamp Impera Uniform──Customizable E-Ink Screen AV Control Panel

Biamp introduces Impera Uniform, a customizable AV control panel that provides an intuitive control system for equipment in presentation spaces, learning environments and conference rooms.

Impera Uniform is equipped with an E Ink display that can be customized with software, and can be programmed and set through the software Project Designer provided by Biamp at any time according to the needs of the room.

It supports up to eight software-configurable buttons, has a 2.7-inch high-contrast E Ink display, and includes an onboard controller so no external processor is required.

It also features 1 bidirectional RS-232 port with feedback for 3rd party control, 2 unidirectional RS-232 ports for 3rd party control and 3 GPIO ports. It supports email notifications for lamp/filter hours and warnings, and has a Mini USB connection for system configuration and maintenance.

Biamp is a technology company specializing in audiovisual solutions for commercial spaces such as meeting rooms, lecture halls and other venues. The company was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

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