E-Ink News: E-Ink intends to reduce the price of color electronic paper to increase market penetration

According to media reports, E-INK (元太科技) announced that it will share profits with companies that order large quantities of Gallery 3 and Kaleido 3 color e-paper. According to company chairman Lee Jung-ho, they plan to lower the price of the new color e-paper products.

As for the way to share the benefits, E-INK will sell its new color e-paper solution at a lower price than the old model, which will reduce the company's gross profit margin, but it can promote the use of e-paper products, drive replacement demand or increase penetration .

At the same time, Li Zhenghao is cautiously optimistic about the business prospects in 2023. The company's revenue will continue to grow, although at a slower rate (by the way, E-Ink will make a profit of NT$9.9 billion in 2022!), but it is expected that the company's revenue will continue to grow this year. The growth rate is 10%, and it is expected to achieve double-digit growth.

In addition, E-Ink published data that the penetration rate of full-color e-book readers and electronic notebooks in China will reach 2% in 2022. The company expects the penetration rate to rise to 4% this year as more brands, such as Bigme, iFLYTEK, iReader, Onyx Boox, and PocketBook, launch various new products using its Gallery 3 series color e-paper solutions.

As predicted by the store manager Chen Chen, 2023 will be the year of the outbreak of color readers. It is expected that various brands will launch color machines with more affordable prices to make e-readers more popular.

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Good e-reader: E INK Plans on sharing profits with customers who order color e-paper

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