【E-Ink評測】實用與趣味兼具,iPhone專屬手機殼Reinkstone Reink Case C1深度解析

[E-Ink Review] Practical and fun, in-depth analysis of Reinkstone Reink Case C1, exclusive iPhone case

In the latest review video, our E-Reader Pro store owner JC gives us an in-depth introduction to the latest product launched by Reinkstone - Reink Case C1. This mobile phone case specially designed for iPhone 14 Pro (this C1 is available for iPhone 13 to 15 series) is equipped with an E-Ink screen and brings a series of new features and improvements.

Reink Case C1 flaunts its NFC transmission function, which means that users can update the display content on the E-Ink screen without the need for a physical connection like the previous generation. This is a major improvement in improving convenience of use. In addition, the C1 version also has innovations in design, especially the new metal bracket on the back, which can be used as a holder for mobile phones and also increases the protection of the mobile phone lens.

In the video, Jichen compared the differences between C1 and the previous generation product, pointing out the improvements in texture, weight and protection of C1. In particular, the display effect of the E-Ink screen is more natural and the color presentation is richer. Despite this, he also admitted that if the Reink Case could add the function of direct handwriting input, the appeal of this product would be greatly enhanced.

JC also mentioned some room for improvement in his review, such as increasing the raised height of the screen protector and expanding the app content sharing function. These improvements will make the Reink Case C1 more perfect in future versions.

Overall, Reink Case C1 is a mobile phone case that is both playful and practical. Its unique E-Ink screen and NFC transmission technology bring a new experience to iPhone users. For users who pursue fun and functionality and have budget, this Reink Case C1, which is priced at $99.99 and currently on sale for $79.90, is a worthwhile option to consider. Readers who are interested in C1 can go to the Reinkstone official website to purchase it.

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