E-Ink新品:自製的10.3英寸 Slow Movie Player

New to E-Ink: Homemade 10.3-inch Slow Movie Player

For most people, you should have never heard of the concept of "Very Slow Movie Player" (VSMP). It originated from an article published by Bryan Boyer in December 2018, describing the construction of an e-paper display that displays 24 fps movie instead of showing 24 frames per second. It's sort of an art installation that turns your favorite movie into a permanent, ever-changing work of art.

Due to the relatively high cost of e-paper panels over the past few years, most examples seen online are only a few inches in size. But as time goes by, electronic paper panels can be purchased at a cheaper price, so the protagonist of this news, szantaii, made this 10.3-inch version. It uses a 1872×1404 Waveshare E-Ink panel that can display 16 grayscales, installed in a wooden frame, and equipped with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. The final product looks quite high, just like the product that is officially sold beauty.

What makes this project unique is not only that it has a large monitor. szantaii meticulously documented the project's hardware and software, including the " Slow Movie Player " Python software he wrote. You can use his MIT-licensed code and purchase hardware to make your own Slow Movie Player .

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