E-Ink new product: Homemade open source DIY e-ink typewriter ZeroWriter

Remember the Freewrite Traveler , an E-Ink typewriter specially designed for writing that we introduced earlier? Recently, a very special transparent version of Traveler Ghost has been launched! But even if you are interested, you may be scared away by the pricing of US$499/599. This time I will introduce you to a cheaper alternative: ZeroWriter.

ZeroWriter is a DIY open source e-ink typewriter, specially designed for beginners in the fields of DIY, digital platforms, and Raspberry Pi, providing users with a unique creative experience. You can build a basic version for about $50: a Waveshare 4.2-inch black and white E-Ink panel, equipped with modified drivers, powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, and support any USB keyboard connection; or build one for closer to $200 A more complete device, including a 40% Vortex Core keyboard and a 3D printed body shell.

The core features of this product include a 4.2-inch e-ink display with a resolution of 400x300, which is fast enough to refresh drafts; storage capacity depends on user needs and configuration; and a 10,000mAh battery can provide about 20-30 hours of use time ; And its open source feature allows users to adjust it according to their needs.

The creator's goal in creating this product is to encourage users to enjoy the joy of creation and find happiness in writing. Therefore, the system software equipped with the device is a simple typewriter designed for writing text. It can restore the previous document at startup and implement various basic operations through CTRL key combinations. That is all for the time being.

If you see this and really want to own a ZeroWriter, you can go to the creator's Github page , which comes with detailed production guides and software settings.

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