New E-Ink product: Yuanfudao launched the smart product Little Ape AI learning training machine

Yuanfufudao’s newly launched Little Ape AI learning training machine is a comprehensive digital intelligent E-Ink product for students of different levels to learn. Personalized learning.

Let me talk about the basic hardware configuration first. The Little Ape AI learning training machine uses a 10.3-inch E-Ink screen with a resolution of 1872x1404 and 227PPI; it is equipped with a Qualcomm octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, and is equipped with a stylus that supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity; The body is 6.9mm thick and weighs 445 grams. The special feature is that there is an 8-megapixel lens on the back of the machine for students to scan test questions. This product adopts a closed system, and other games and video apps cannot be downloaded, so that children will not be disturbed while studying.

To be honest, this new product is not outstanding in terms of hardware configuration, and its main selling point lies in its resources and intelligent functions. In terms of learning resources, it advertises that it has more than 700 million question bank resources, more than 140 million question explanation videos, and 100,000 sets of provincial and municipal test papers; and the device has built-in AI technology, which can be used for instant recognition and correction when children are writing. And according to the child's writing characteristics, the way of writing and other details, the fuzzy handwriting is judged, recognized and corrected. In this way, we can quickly locate the weak points of knowledge, and then introduce personalized exercises for children, and help children systematically improve their abilities through inferences, review, and special training on weak points. In addition to reading and writing, it also has the technology to recognize students' voices for Chinese and English oral assessment exercises.

Little Ape AI learning training machine is priced at 4299RMB, and the first batch of discounted price is 3899RMB, which is available on Tmall, JD.com and Douyin. Another thing that makes people curious is that this product aimed at the mainland education market is also on sale at the Good E-Reader Store, priced at US$799.99.

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