New E-Ink product: Xiaomi launches 7-inch black and white reader "Xiaomi e-paper book", lightweight body equipped with magnetic charging case

Yesterday, the Chinese brand Xiaomi released its latest 7-inch black and white reader "Xiaomi e-paper book", which features a lightweight body and a rare magnetic charging case.

The "Xiaomi e-book" imitates the Kindle Oasis series in appearance. The all-black body has a thicker grip on the right side (7.7mm) and two physical page-turning keys. The middle and left sides are thinner (3.9mm). There are 5 pogo pins on the back of the machine, which can be connected to the official magnetic charging case that comes with it. The protective case has a built-in 1950 mAh battery, and together with the 1200 mAh battery of the device itself, the official said it can provide a total of 7 weeks of standby life. By the way, its net weight is about 166 grams, and the weight of the protective case has not been announced.

"Xiaomi e-paper book" uses the latest 7-inch E-Ink Carta 1200 screen with a resolution of 1680x1264, 300PPI; the processor uses Rockchip's quad-core RK3566, equipped with 2GB RAM and 64GB ROM, and has a 32-level cold and warm dual-color front panel lamp, and has intelligent automatic dimming function. In addition, the device is equipped with a G-Sensor, which allows users to change the direction of the device according to their dominant hand, making it convenient for handheld use.

It uses the open Android11 ​​system. Although there is no Google Play, users can install third-party APPs by themselves. There will also be a variety of ink screen adapted APPs in the built-in market.

The "Xiaomi e-paper book" is priced at 1,499 RMB and is now on pre-sale at its JD.com self-operated flagship store at a promotional price of 1,399 RMB. It is expected to be shipped from January 9.

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