New E-Ink product: Viwoods will soon launch a 10.65-inch 300PPI AiPaper on Kickstarter, with a thickness of only 4.5mm!

Viwoods from China is about to launch its latest AiPaper E-Ink electronic paper tablet on Kickstarter. Can it occupy a seat in the highly competitive E-Ink market?

This AiPaper has several features worthy of reader enthusiasts' attention. The first is that it is equipped with a 10.65-inch 300PPI soft E-Ink panel with a resolution of up to 2560x1920, which brings the clearest E-Ink device of the same size on the market. It has a good display and excellent writing effect; secondly, its body thickness is only 4.5mm, which is thinner than the famously thin reMarkable2 (4.7mm) and Aragonite’s newly launched Go 10.3 (4.6mm) , and it weighs only 370 gram!

As for the rest of the hardware configuration, it has a built-in 2.0GHz eight-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space, allowing users to store a large amount of e-books and notes. In addition, AiPaper supports Wacom EMR stylus and is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 4000 mAh to meet the daily use needs of users. In addition, this device supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections, allowing users to synchronize and transfer data at any time. The use of Android 13 open system also makes it easier for people to install third-party APPs.

AiPaper's AI functionality is one of its highlights, providing a variety of convenient and innovative features. Users can interact with AI at any time through convenient voice buttons to quickly answer questions encountered in the learning and creation process. In addition, AiPaper also features handwritten emails, allowing users to respond to emails in a more sincere manner anytime and anywhere. When using a third-party APP for reading or working, important fragments can be saved at any time for subsequent organization and use.

At this stage, Viwoods has not officially launched this crowdfunding project, so the early bird price and shipping date have not yet been announced. Interested readers can first go to its official website to register.

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