E-Ink產品:美國Reviver E-Ink電子車牌──帶來全新的車輛管理和安全體驗

E-Ink product: American Reviver E-Ink digital license plate──bringing a new vehicle management and safety experience

As early as 2018, California began to test the availability of digital license plates. Until October last year, after the passing of the California AB 984 bill, the California Motor Vehicle Administration (DMV) announced that all car owners could use digital license plates. As of now, in addition to California, Arizona and Michigan allow the use of digital license plates, while Texas only allows commercial vehicles to use them. More than a dozen other states are also considering passing related bills to promote the use of electronic license plates. Use of digital license plates. Reviver is the only option for American car owners to install digital license plates for the time being.

Reviver digital license plate is a kind of smart license plate, which adopts E Ink electronic paper technology, which can display the license plate number, owner's name, vehicle registration date and other information, so the owner does not need to replace the vehicle registration sticker every year, unlike traditional license plates that need to be replaced regularly, reducing the need for paper waste.

Unlike traditional license plates, Reviver digital license plates can also be updated and managed through a smartphone app, and can communicate directly with the DMV, making it easy for car owners to update and manage their license plates.

In addition, the Reviver digital license plate also has an anti-theft function. When the vehicle is stolen, the owner can send an alert through the mobile phone application, and the E Ink electronic paper screen on the license plate will display the message "I was stolen", thereby alerting others.

Image: Reviver


In terms of durability, the lens of the Reviver digital license plate is 5 times stronger than glass, can withstand high-intensity collisions, and can be used at temperatures between minus 40 degrees and 80 degrees.

Even if the outer layer is impacted, the display remains readable. (Image: E Ink)

Reviver digital license plate provides two annual subscription plans for the battery version and the hardware connection version, both of which can be installed by yourself or paid for professional installation. The battery version costs $215.4 per year; the hardware-connected version costs $275.4 per year.


The successful application of Reviver digital license plate and the trend of open use bring new development opportunities for vehicle management and safety. Car owners can also enjoy a more convenient and safer license plate management method, while also contributing to environmental protection.

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