E-Ink新品跟進:Pubu Pubook Pro正式在挖貝平台開放預購,超早鳥價限量990部

new E-Ink products update: Pubu Pubook Pro is officially open for pre-order on the WaBay platform, and the super early bird price is limited to 990 units

Since mid-April, Pubu has released the 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 color e-reader Pubook Pro, which comes with a free "Lifetime VIP membership for reading e-books" , which has attracted the attention of readers lovers in Taiwan. As of yesterday, June 6, Pubu finally launched a project on the WaBay platform for users to sponsor and pre-order.

If readers want to know the basic specifications and features of Pubook Pro, please refer to our previous report ( portal ). In the project page, its details are introduced in detail, and the features/function details that were not mentioned last time are added:

  • In the note application APP, in addition to the common handwriting recognition, it also has the function of converting recording into text;
  • Notes have a layer function, which can move, manage and hide the content on the page arbitrarily;
  • The PDF Reader advertised as the exclusive pre-installed KDAN MOBILE technology supports PDF annotation, editing, merging, converting, encrypting, scanning and signing;
  • The processor uses the MediaTek MT8183 processor, which is an 8-core, 12nm process, released in 2019, and its performance is slightly weaker than that of Qualcomm 662.

Pubu also responded to the questions of netizens who released the news. First of all, after the release of the new product questionnaire in April, some netizens questioned that the Pubook Pro displayed on the page were all renderings, and Kaleido 3 could not show such colors. Therefore, a new "app real shot" was added in this project to show the real product . display effect. In addition, some netizens mentioned that the Pubook Pro does not have a built-in speaker, which would cause inconvenience. We also asked the Pubu official about this. They decided to make the body as thin and light as possible. Prioritize the abandonment of the speaker, in exchange for a body with a thickness of only 6mm.

The e-book Lifetime VIP lifetime membership, which has attracted a lot of attention , is a preferential gift bundled on the Pubook Pro machine, and it is specially given to the sponsors who pre-order the super early bird. As long as the reader can operate normally, the user You can read all the content in the reading area for free forever, including current magazines, books, and audio-visual courses.

This Taiwan-made color reader with first-line hardware configuration has been sponsored and subscribed for more than 500 units in the first 24 hours of pre-ordering, and the response is very enthusiastic. It is expected to ship in October.

Pubu Pubook Pro Fundraising Project


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