E-Ink新品跟進:Eyemoo NXT EPaper S1正式開始在Kickstarter眾籌了。

Follow-up of new E-Ink products: Eyemoo NXT EPaper S1 has officially started crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

One and a half months ago, I introduced Eyemoo's first product, NXT EPaper S1, which is the world's first 10-inch color tablet with an RLCD screen and a front light. For those who want to know its specifications and characteristics, you can review this news (portal).

On May 3, Eyemoo finally officially launched this product on the kickstarter crowdfunding platform for supporters to sponsor. This NXT EPaper S1 adopts full-reflective screen technology, advertises that it can protect the eyes like an E-Ink screen, but can maintain a 60Hz refresh rate and display 16.7 million colors. Its super early bird price is 479 US dollars, including The version with a stylus is 519 yuan.

Eyemoo said that it is expected to ship in June this year, which means that shortly after the end of the crowdfunding plan, the new product has been produced and shipped.

Eyemoo NXT EPaper S1 Kickstarter page

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