E-Ink新品:漢王推出Clear6 Pro,升級300PPI墨水屏

New E-Ink product: Hanvon launches Clear6 Pro, upgraded to 300PPI ink screen

Hanvon launched Clear6 in late February, providing an entry-level choice for those who like small and light readers. Four months later, Hanvon launched its upgraded Clear6 Pro, bringing users a more superior reading experience.

The most important upgrade of this Clear6 Pro this time is the switch to a 300PPI black and white ink screen. Compared with the 212PPI of the Clear6 screen, the display will be clearer and more detailed. In terms of other hardware configurations, they are basically the same, such as the same quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space, and the same 3000 mAh large-capacity battery, which can achieve 120 hours of reading time or 60 days of standby time. wait.

Clear6 Pro continues to be equipped with Regal afterimage elimination technology, which can effectively reduce the afterimage problem when turning pages, and supports 256-level grayscale display effects. In addition, Clear6 Pro is also equipped with a warm and cool dual-color headlight that supports 30 levels of DC dimming, allowing users to adjust the appropriate reading light according to different environments.

The body size of Clear6 Pro is 109 x 148.5 x 7mm, and the weight is slightly 12 grams heavier than Clear6, totaling 172 grams. It maintains the characteristics of being lightweight and portable, and is suitable for mobile reading and long-term use. Currently, this e-book reader is available on the Hanvon JD.com self-operated flagship store , with an initial price of 998 RMB.

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