E-Ink新品:文石Boox本年度最後一擊,10.3吋Note Air3(附與同系列型號比較分析)

E-Ink new product: Boox’s final hit this year, 10.3-inch Note Air3 (attached with comparative analysis of models in the same series)


Boox just released the 10.3-inch color Note Air3 C in mid-October. About two months later, they suddenly launched its brother machine, the black and white version of the Note Air3, today (December 12). Although there is only one "C" difference between the two, and the mold is the same, there are three main differences in configuration.

First of all, the most obvious difference is of course the screen. Note Air3 uses a 10.3-inch black and white E-Ink Carta1200 screen. Unfortunately, it only has 227PPI, which is not as good as the 300PPI (grayscale) of Note Air3 C with Kaleido 3 color screen.

Another item is weight. Although its hardware configuration other than the screen is basically the same as the Note Air3 C, the black and white version is 20 grams heavier than the color version, with a total weight of 450 grams.

Probably the most regrettable thing is that Note Air3 does not have a dedicated graphics chip like Air3 C, that is, it does not have Boox's BSR fast flash technology, which will compromise the overall experience.

Finally, in terms of pricing, the black-and-white Air3 is $100 cheaper than the color Air3 C, currently selling for $399.99.

If compared with the previous generation Note Air2 Plus, what areas have been upgraded in Note Air3?

The first item is the screen. Although it has the same pixel density of 227PPI, Air3 uses the newer E-Ink Carta1200, which is superior to Air2 Plus in terms of contrast and response speed.

In terms of hardware configuration, this generation of processor has also been upgraded, using 8-core 2.4GHz (according to the data, it should be Qualcomm 680); the previous generation used Qualcomm 662. The former is about one-third more efficient than the latter.

In terms of OS system, Air3 also uses the updated Android12 version instead of the previous generation Android11.

The last point is something that less people pay attention to. The body of Note Air3 is actually slightly smaller than the previous generation. The length is reduced from 229.4mm to 226mm; the width is reduced from 195.4mm to 193mm, and the thickness remains unchanged at 5.8mm. , so the accessories of these two generations are not completely universal, especially the protective stickers.

Among the three models of the Note Air series, which one is your favorite?


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