E-Ink新品:TCL CSOT 25.3吋 彩色電子紙標牌──適合商用的廣告看板

New E-Ink Product: TCL CSOT 25.3-inch Color Electronic Paper Signage──Advertising billboard suitable for commercial use

Earlier, I introduced Philips' latest Tableaux product, a 25.3-inch E-Ink Advanced Color electronic paper display ( portal ). It turns out that TCL has also launched a similar product.

Last week, TCL CSOT (a subsidiary of TCL) showcased a series of new display products at InfoComm 2023, a professional audio and video exhibition held in Florida, USA, and one of them was built with E-Ink color electronic paper technology. 25.3-inch electronic paper signage.

It uses E-Ink ACeP electronic paper display technology, which can display 60,000 colors, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a viewing angle of more than 178°. This electronic paper sign has a bi-stable, zero-power design, low power consumption, and can be read in sunlight without a backlight, making it ideal for indoor commercial billboards, such as retail malls and restaurants, as well as public transportation areas, including subways and airports .

The configuration, application method and pricing of this new product are not yet known, and the manufacturer is expected to release further information in the future.

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