E-Ink新品:瑞士myStrom推出多功能智能家居開關──WiFi Button Max

New E-Ink product: Swiss myStrom launched a multifunctional smart home switch──WiFi Button Max

Swiss smart home brand myStrom has launched a new product - myStrom WiFi Button Max, which is a smart home switch that also has the functions of an E-Ink display and a temperature and humidity sensor.

myStrom WiFi Button Max is equipped with a 200x200 resolution E-Ink display and an LED indicator light. It is specially designed for smart homes and can be combined with products from brands such as Sonos, IKEA, Philips Hue and Shelly. When you use it as a switch, the E-Ink display turns into a four-button switch, each of which can be programmed with three commands, triggered by different gestures (short tap, double tap, and long press).

In addition, myStrom WiFi Button Max also has the function of a temperature and humidity sensor. If it is not used as a switch button, it can be converted into a display to display humidity and temperature, and can also display the power consumption of connected devices or the electricity generated by the balcony. You can view these data through the myStrom APP and make adjustments as needed.

myStrom WiFi Button Max has many uses and can be configured according to user needs.

The design of myStrom WiFi Button Max is very simple, compact and easy to install. It can be hung on the wall, and it also comes with a magnet sticker, which can be directly attached to the metal surface. It also has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 70 days and charges via USB-C.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use smart home switch, then the myStrom WiFi Button Max, priced at 59.9 euros, will be a good choice for you.

MyStrom WiFi Button Max official website introduction

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