E-Ink新品:Streacom VU1──可監控電腦性能的懷舊風格E-Ink顯示屏

New E-Ink product: Streacom VU1─a retro-style E-Ink display that monitors computer performance

Dutch technology company Streacom recently released its new product Streacom VU1, a charming retro-style E-Ink display device designed for monitoring the performance of personal computers. The product has a digital panel and pointer that can display a variety of data including CPU, GPU and RAM usage.

The Streacom VU1 has a simple design, presenting as a compact aluminum cube with a 1.5-inch E-Ink display on the front, combined with a mechanical pointer. This combination allows for unlimited usage possibilities, as the content of the digital panels can be customized via software. In addition, the mechanical pointer can make up for the slow response speed of the E-Ink panel.

To ensure clear display in low light conditions, the display is equipped with RGB front lighting. It can change color when certain preset thresholds are reached, for example it turns red when the displayed value exceeds 90%. Communication between VU1 and the computer is through a Web-App, ensuring compatibility with all operating systems.

In addition, Streacom provides some pre-installed applications for VU1. Users can use these applications to monitor various hardware information of their computers, including fan speed and remaining space on the hard disk. VU1's Hub can store up to 32 digital panel settings and connect to the computer via USB-C.

Now, consumers can pre-order the Streacom VU1 on Streacom's official website, available in black and silver options. Shipping is expected to begin at the end of December, with free shipping available. The starting kit (including a required Hub and three Dials) is priced at 130 euros. The Hub costs 42 euros when purchased individually, while a Dial costs 38 euros.

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