E-Ink新品:智慧光科技推出可定制化彩色電子紙識別證,採用最新E-Ink Spectra 6技術

New E-Ink product: SmartDisplayer Technology launches customizable color electronic paper identification cards, using the latest E-Ink Spectra 6 technology

SmartDisplayer Technology recently released a color e-paper identification card. This product uses the latest color e-paper technology and environmentally friendly design, aiming to bring a new type of identification solution to individuals and businesses.

The default panel size of the color e-paper identification card is 4 inches (5.64 X 8.46cm), which uses the latest E-Ink Spectra 6 technology and can display full color. The company offers a variety of customization options, including badge size, integration with access control systems, fingerprint recognition, indoor location tracking and payment functions. These comprehensive functions not only allow the identification card to be used multiple times (the expected life span is 3 to 5 years), but also bring it a wide range of application possibilities, allowing one identification card to meet a variety of use needs. In addition, the color e-paper identification card is designed with energy efficiency in mind, operates in a rechargeable or battery-free manner, and transmits data through NFC or BLE wireless communication technology, which not only facilitates the exchange and update of data, but also reduces the cost of Repeated printing costs due to changes in materials.

Colorful e-paper identification cards are suitable for a variety of occasions, such as exhibitor and guest certificates at exhibitions, staff and visitor certificates at theme parks, and employee identity verification in companies. In terms of protecting personal information security, by integrating biometric and encrypted communication technologies, this ID card can effectively protect the user's personal information security.

SmartDisplayer Company mainly produces various types of cards customized to meet the needs of corporate customers (mainly banks and financial institutions, etc.). Therefore, the pricing of this color electronic paper identification card is unknown, and it is not expected to be available in the personal market.

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