E-Ink新品跟進:Reinkstone智能電子墨水屏手機殼Reink Case開箱及實際評測

E-Ink new product follow-up: Reinkstone smart electronic ink screen mobile phone case Reink Case unboxing and actual evaluation

In early April, we reported that Reinkstone launched a Reink Case specially designed for the iPhone 14 series. The back cover is equipped with a 3.71-inch E-Ink screen that can display black, white, and red. ( report portal )

The shop owner, JC, received two Reink Cases from the manufacturer earlier. After trying them out for a period of time, he released a video of the unboxing and actual use yesterday for interested audiences to learn more about this new E-Ink product:

The video will contain the following:

1. Unpacking
2. Appearance introduction
3. How to use E-Ink screen and refresh live
4. Display of five major themes and suggestions for use
5. Where the product can be improved
6. Post-use evaluation
7. Does it have magsafe function?

The Reinkstone team said that they will update and launch the NFC version of the mobile phone case later, the transmission speed will be faster, and it will also solve the problem of the lightning plug with a small tail. In addition, a function will be added to the software to increase playability and practicality. We also expect that Reink Case will continue to develop and become a more interesting and practical E-Ink product.

Reink Case is now available on Amazon in the United States , and the iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max styles are available in two colors, priced at $69.99. And Reinkstone R1 backers can apply to Reinkstone for a 50% discount code for Reink Case.

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