E-Ink新品:Reinkstone Reink Case for iPhone14系列──智能電子墨水屏手機殼

New E-Ink Product: Reinkstone Reink Case for iPhone14 Series──Smart E-Ink Screen Phone Case

If you often pay attention to crowdfunding products and are E-Ink enthusiasts, you should have some impression of the name Reinkstone. That's right, it is the brand of Reinkstone R1, the company's first new product that will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter in mid-2021, using the new color DES technology. Since the delivery of this product has been delayed all the way, it has caused many backers all over the world to worry and question. On the 23rd of last month, Reinkstone founder Stone sent a letter to all backers, emphasizing that his company will keep its promise and complete the production of the next batch of R1 in July, and then send all undelivered orders at once ( Yes, as of now, some backers have received R1). There is a paragraph in the letter that describes the company's next new product: Reink Case, a smart e-ink screen mobile phone case.

This mobile phone case is specially designed for the iPhone 14 series. It is equipped with a 3.71-inch E-Ink screen on the back cover that can display black, white and red. Users can download the exclusive APP from the Apple Store , select the preset theme templates in it, or DIY by themselves, and then type the text content on it, and then synchronize it through the attached lightening socket or Bluetooth, and display it on the E-Ink screen. The battery will only consume the power of the phone when changing the screen.

As a mobile phone protective case, Reink Case is made of PC+TPU material, with a 360-degree four-corner full-edge groove design, which can effectively alleviate the impact of falling. In addition, the protective frame is higher than the camera, effectively preventing the lens from being scratched. The back cover has AF molecular hydrophobic coating, anti-slip and anti-fingerprint effect.

Reinkstone has launched this new E-Ink product on Amazon in the United States . The iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max models are available in two colors, priced at $69.99. And Reinkstone R1 backers can apply for Reink Case 50% discount code from Reinkstone .

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