E-Ink新品:Reinkstone推出全新升級款Reink Case C1四色智能E-Ink屏手機殼

E-Ink new product: Reinkstone launches new upgraded Reink Case C1 four-color smart E-Ink screen mobile phone case

In April last year, Reinkstone launched an exclusive iPhone case with a 3.71-inch E-Ink screen. It was quite interesting. We reported it at the time, and the store owner Jichen Chen also reviewed this new product. More than half a year later, Reinkstone has improved the shortcomings of the first-generation product and launched the latest Reink Case C1.

The biggest upgrade of Reink Case C1 is that its E-Ink screen can display four colors. Compared with the three colors of the previous generation, it can present richer and more realistic colors, making every change of pattern feel like wearing a different new one on your phone. decoration, greatly enriching personalized choices.

Reinkstone official comparison chart.

In addition, Reink Case C1 is also very easy to use. It uses NFC technology to transmit data and power without having to carry a small tail (Lightning plug) like the previous generation. This not only simplifies functional requirements but also provides users with an extremely comfortable experience. In terms of low power consumption, this phone case performs well. Its e-ink screen display does not require power to maintain, and can display patterns normally even when the phone is exhausted, and it consumes almost no power in daily use.

Reink Case C1 also has many practical functions. For example, it is equipped with an adjustable lens mount ranging from 0° to 115°, which is not only sturdy and reliable, but also meets viewing needs at different angles. Support for wireless charging also makes this phone case more convenient and practical. In terms of protection, Reink Case C1 also does a very good job. It adopts a multi-layer protection design, including an explosion-proof glass back shell and all-round annular grooves at the four corners, which effectively alleviates the impact of a drop and protects the phone from damage.

Reink Case C1 is currently only available for iPhone models, and is available in all series from iPhone 13 to 15 (except Plus). It seems that Andriod users still have to wait. The Reink Case C1 is priced at US$99.99, and the official website is promoting new products for only US$79.99. By the way, the shop owner Jichen Chen will receive this new product later and will try it out and review it for everyone.

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