E-Ink新品:Reinkstone新款NFC版Reink Case在日本眾籌平台登場

E-Ink new product: Reinkstone’s new NFC version Reink Case is launched on the Japanese crowdfunding platform

Three months ago, shop owner Ji Chen brought you the unboxing and review ( portal ) of the unique iPhone protective case Reink Case with a 3.7-inch E-Ink screen on the back. Three months later, Now, the Reinkstone team has released a new NFC version of the Reink Case in Japan, corresponding to the iPhone 13 to 15 series, and is being launched on the crowdfunding platform Campfire.

Here I would like to introduce to you the new Reink Case, which has brought many improvements to the first generation and is also available in three colors (pink, black and blue). The first item is to delete the small tail lightning plug hanging at the bottom. Since it is used to transmit data, it needs to be plugged into the phone every time the pattern is switched, and it needs to be unplugged after use, which is quite troublesome. The new version switches to NFC transmission, which is much more convenient.

The second item is the design of a raised protective frame around the lens. This generation frame can be opened and used as a stand when the phone is placed horizontally. However, in the official promotional video of its product, there is no actual display of the bracket design.

The third item is that this time it is officially marked as supporting MagSafe charging, because the manufacturer did not have any marking in this regard last time. In the last review, Jichen Dust found that the iPhone can continue to be charged wirelessly after being put on the Reink Case, but the magnetic attraction is slightly weaker. It is unknown whether it has been enhanced in this generation.

The fourth item is mentioned in the introduction. Users can publish their own designs in the theme mall and share them with other users. Currently, its exclusive APP does not have this function, and it is expected to be added in an updated version in the future.

The NFC version of the Reink Case has only been officially crowdfunded for a few days. It already has 300 backers and the response has been quite enthusiastic. The manufacturer has promised to start shipping in December this year. This new product is limited to 6,888 yen on the first day, and the super early bird quotas of 7,000 yen to 7,200 yen have all been supported. Now it is the early discount price of 7,800 yen. If you are interested in this E-Ink phone case, you may wish to check out its crowdfunding page .

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