New E-Ink product: READTYCH releases innovative three-sided E-Ink educational tablet E-Tablet

Recently, a new start-up company READTYCH announced the launch of its latest product E-Tablet, which is developed to meet the needs of the education market. This product uses an innovative three-sided E-Ink display design and aims to provide students and educators with an efficient and environmentally friendly digital learning tool.

The three-sided E-Ink display design of E-Tablet is not only a visual innovation, but also a functional revolution. This design allows users to handle multiple tasks at the same time, such as reading a textbook on one screen, taking notes on another screen, and reviewing materials on a third screen. This multitasking capability improves learning efficiency and allows students and teachers to respond more flexibly to complex learning and teaching needs.

In addition, founder Reinaldo Rodriguez also said that this device will also integrate READTYCH's own educational ecosystem software, supporting multiple functions such as real-time performance tracking, homework and deadline reminders, attendance monitoring, and school announcements to help teachers and students maintain good academic performance. Communication and collaboration.

At this stage, READTYCH has not announced the details of this new product, including its hardware configuration, but its official website has opened the pre-sale of E-Tablet , priced at US$350, but there is no specific delivery date. By the way, on the official website, READTYCH also opens the option of investing in their company.

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