E-Ink新品:Readmoo讀墨與PocketBook聯名發布10.3吋Color Note彩色閱讀器,正式開始預售

New E-Ink product: Readmoo and PocketBook jointly released the 10.3-inch Color Note color reader, which has officially started pre-sale

When Readmoo announced in mid-June that it would jointly release a 10.3-inch open color reader with PocketBook, many reader enthusiasts in Hong Kong and Taiwan were looking forward to it. Today (June 25), Readmoo finally announced the details of its new product!

This 10.3-inch color reader using E-Ink Kaleido 3 technology is called "Color Note", but it is different from the mainstream 10.3-inch color readers on the market that use glass panels and can display 300PPI in black and white and 150PPI in color. Color Note uses a more expensive flexible panel to make the screen stronger and less likely to be broken. However, the price is that the pixel density will be relatively low, with only 227PPI (1404x1872) for black and white and 113PPI (702x936) for color. By the way, Color Note is currently the only 10.3-inch color E-Ink reader on the market that uses a flexible panel.

In terms of hardware configuration, Color Note is equipped with a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor (the official brand and model have not been announced), equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, ensuring smooth operation when operating the open Android12 system. It is equipped with an adjustable warm and cold dual-color leading reading light, which also allows users to use the device comfortably in different occasions; in addition, Color Note supports the insertion of TF cards, which can be expanded up to 256GB, has built-in speakers and radio microphones, and also has G-Sersor automatic Gravity sensor supports automatic screen rotation. In addition, Color Note has a large 4000 mAh battery, which rarely supports PD fast charging and can be fully charged in just 3 hours.

In terms of molds, Color Note will have "PocketBook" printed on the upper right side of the front, and the Readmoo and PocketBook brand trademarks will be on the back, indicating this joint product. The entire device is only 6.4mm thick and weighs only 390 grams, which is considered light and thin for a 10.3-inch product.

The Color Note e-book reader has a variety of useful built-in applications. Users can read through the built-in "Readmoo Reading" APP, or listen to audiobooks through the " mooSound 小出声" APP. Of course, users can also use the built-in Google Store to install and run different third-party APPs. This device also supports stylus function and can be used with the officially recommended LAMY AL-star EMR electromagnetic stylus to provide a precise writing experience and is suitable for taking notes and annotations.

The original price of this 10.3-inch Color Note color reader is NT$20,888. During the pre-order period from now until July 24, the limited-time discount price is NT$ 16,888. In addition, the official also provides a set that matches its own reading plan/LAMY AL-star EMR electromagnetic stylus. This new product will begin shipping in August 2024, and Readmoo will provide a one-year warranty. Interested readers can go to its official website to view and order.

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