New E-Ink product: Readmoo and PocketBook jointly release a 10.3-inch open-system color e-reader

After launching the mooInk Pro 2C, the only 13.3-inch color Kaleido 3 reader on the market at the beginning of the year, Readmoo made another major announcement in the middle of the year. The day before yesterday (June 11), Readmoo announced that it would join hands with the Swiss brand PocketBook Launching a new co-branded 10.3-inch open color reader!

This reader jointly created by Readmoo and PocketBook uses the latest E Ink Kaleido 3 color panel. The display resolution is 300PPI in black and white and 150PPI in color. It is also claimed to be the only one of the same size on the market that uses a soft e-paper panel. product, the body will be lighter, thinner, and stronger, and the screen will be less likely to break than models using glass substrates.

According to the official information released by Readmoo, this new machine will be designed by PocketBook. The body module is different from the 10.3-inch models currently launched by the two brands, including the 10.3-inch lightest 10.3-inch model on the market, mooInk Pro series, or PocketBook brand's first open system InkPad Eo .

Readmoo has not yet announced the hardware configuration of this new product. It only states that it will be equipped with a reading light and a Wacom EMR stylus that supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing users to enjoy an accurate and natural writing experience. The built-in speakers support multimedia playback functions, which means users can enjoy music and audiobooks in addition to reading. In particular, the device has built-in "mooSound", making it easy to experience Readmoo's audiobook service. Of course, Readmoo’s main product “Readmoo Reading” will also be preloaded at the factory, giving users the best Traditional Chinese reading experience.

For Readmoo, what is special about this reader is that it is their first model to run on an open system based on Android. Users can download more applications through the Google Play Store, which greatly improves the flexibility and flexibility of the device. Practicality.

This Readmoo × PocketBook co-branded machine, whose name has not yet been announced, will go on sale on June 25 on Readmoo’s official website. We will report its hardware and price details at that time.

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